The MG Watch

From concept to reality

F I R S T   L O V E
My very first car was an MG B 1964 model – the bodywork in old English white. I bought it in 1975 for 1,000 DM but already three years later it ended up in a barn, because as a student I couldn’t afford the urgently needed spare parts. 

It wasn’t until 1985,  I had finished my studies by then, was I able to afford to restore the car from scratch. I will never forget the moment when it was front of me, bright red with its shining chrome. From then on the car was a source of fun and pleasure. I associate it with wonderful memories of holidays in southern England, Scotland or the Alps, as well as trips with friends who shared my enthusiasm for MG vehicles. 

In the 80s I discovered an inexpensive quartz watch, whose case was modelled on the grill of an MG TD model. Although the watch was very simple and the case’s coating worn, it was my companion for many years. In the long winter months that my MG spent in the garage, the watch was like a bond to the vehicle I loved. 

P E R S I S T A N C E   I S   R E W A R D E D
I had already given up my search for a newer, more attractive MG watch, when the possibility of realising my dream of creating my own watch emerged, thanks to a friend who manufactures watches. From then on a 5-year-long process began. Designs were discussed and scrapped, technical drawings were refined with the watch maker, the licensing rights for using the MG logo had to be settled and eventually the first case and dial prototypes were on the table. 

S W I S S   M A D E   –   H A N D M A D E   Q U A L I T Y
When I look at the finished watch in front of me today, it bears no resemblance to my old quartz watch. Everything about the new MG watch is defined by first-class quality. From the Swiss manufactured mechanic movement to the perfectly polished stainless steel casing, right down to the detailed MG emblem on the case and crown. 

The dial partly shows the stylised structure of the TD grill and slightly deepens the actual dial, with its three hands and date display. On the back of the case there is a striking MG logo and the engraved individual number. 

The small-scale series allows us to precisely manufacture each MG watch individually by hand. The leather straps produced in Germany are made of the best cordovan leather, and provide excellent comfort and quality. I have been wearing the watch for a few weeks and I am still impressed with its quality, elegance and comfort. It is a unique piece of jewellery on any arm and a special treat for MG fans. We will produce around 100 watches a year and preference will be given to MG fans. 

I am personally excited for everyone who will wear this watch.

Ernst Graaf

John Yea of British Motor Heritage and Julian White from MG Car Club in Great Britain made notable contributions towards the realisation of the watch. I also found support and advice from Sven von Soosten (MGDC-D) and Andreas Pichler (MGCC-D). I owe many thanks to them and everyone else who encouraged and supported me during the development. Thank you.