Customer Feedback

Dear Ernst Graaf,

From the photos on the internet, it was not easy to make a decision to pick one of the three watches, each of which in itself is unique and awakened desire in me.

It was certainly a coincidence, when I requested a visit in Münster, you said “I am visiting a friend this weekend in Düsseldorf and could bring all three watches”.

When you presented the watches personally as promised and placed them on the table, I was not only impressed by the small works of art, but also very impressed by the very friendly, trusting and uncomplicated first encounter with you.

Unfortunately, you didn’t have the chosen “Cream Cracker” watch with you, besides the sample watches, but seeing you the next morning to deliver it, was outstanding.

And now the watch lays before me and fascinates me ever since with its great distinctive MG T-Series grille design of the housing, with the delicate and precise details of the MG logo on the crown, the beautifully designed cover on the back and the quality of the leather strap.

The quiet ticking of the mechanics, which is of course only heard directly if you put it near the ear, reminds me a bit, with some imagination, of the smooth running of my TF engine, only much more subtle, smoother and less spectacular. As I said, with a little imagination!

Thank you, dear Ernst Graaf, that you gave me this successful illusion of being able to have my beloved MG-T with me at all times.

Bernard Pyka, Düsseldorf in May 2013

After having seen the MG watches at the MG National meeting in Toowoomba it wasn`t until we arrived home that we decided to order a Cecil Kimber watch. We contacted Juri and forwarded payment and received the watch promptly . We are very pleased with the watch and impressed with the service we received.

Kaye and Allan Dansie Bundaberg Queensland, Australia, 31.05.2013

La montre MG Cream Cracker est très bien arrivé, le colis en bon état. La présentation dans sa boite est remarquable. Très chic. La fameuse calandre des MG série T est très bien reproduite. Le logo octogonal émaillé est tout à fait conforme sur la calandre et sur le remontoir. Les couleurs Cream du cadran et marron-brown du bracelet sont elles aussi exacts. L’ensemble est très élégant et bien en harmonie avec ma voiture. C’est une MG-TD 1953 LHD, qui est peinte aux couleurs du team Cream-Cracker d’avant-guerre. Je vous joint une photo de la voiture. Avec toutes mes félicitations pour cette création et mes remerciements pour la livraison rapide.

English translation: The Cream Cracker MG Watch has arrived well, the parcel in good condition. The presentation is remarkable in its box. Very chic. The famous grille MG T series is very well reproduced. The octagonal enameled logo is quite consistent on the grille and on the crown.

The Cream color dial and maroon-brown bracelet are also accurate. The set is very elegant and well in harmony with my car. It is a LHD 1953 MG-TD, which is painted in team colors-Cream Cracker prewar. With congratulations for this creation and my thanks for the fast delivery.

Hervé Hacard, Dinan – France, le 27 mars 2013

Thankyou for the prompt delivery of my MG – Watch. I am very pleased with it. It is quite a distinctive design and has already generated a number of admiring comments in the few days that I have had it. Like the car that it symbolises it has timeless elegance with a functional technology.
Thankyou once again.

Greg Hancock, WA, Australia, 22.03.2013

Ernst, when I first heard about these MG watches and as an MG enthusiast I was clearly intrigued to see as to what they were going to be like. The reality has not disappointed me in anyway, the quality and attention to details is superb. I love the three themes that have been chosen and produced giving slightly different finishes, The Abingdon, The Cecil Kimber and the Cream Cracker. I have the Cream Cracker. This just adds to the unique and exclusive appeal of these quality watches.

Best regards
Julian White
General Manager – The MG Car Club

Julian White, General Manager – The MG Car Club, Oxfordshire, England, 21.02.2013

Dear Ernst Graaf.

I’m a club member for over 25 years and got some very nice MG cars.
But not only the cars fascinate me, but also accessories such as MG Car Models, clothes, car accessories and watches.

I have about 20 MG-watches in my collection, including the Ur-clock from Switzerland from the 80s.

This new MG-wrist watch from your collection surpasses anything previously offered. The design with the MG cooler, the crown, the back with the beautiful MG-stamping. In any case I am very happy about this watch and think it is great that finally a luxury item for us that MG enthusiasts have become available.

Best Regards
Günther Pilz

Günther Pilz, Germany, 23.02.2013

In the late 80′s my family took a trip to England to visit some family friends who are Vintage MG Racers. Our friend had a watch shaped like a typical MG T type grill shell. I was young but remember how fascinated my Dad was with this watch. In fact in the past 20 plus years he has mentioned it many times. Now on to December of 2012, I received an email on a new MG watch. Thinking it was some cheap watch with a MG logo on the face, I opened the link to a website. My jaw dropped when I saw a wonderful watch from my past but with much more detail and quality. I quickly emailed the company (knowing they may not ship to the US) and told my story and asked if they would be able to send one to me in Arizona. Ernst Graaf emailed me back personally and told me that he would be happy to send the watch to me. I told him that this was to be a present for my Dad’s 70th birthday and that I needed it very soon. Money was exchanged and a watch was on its way to its new home. It arrived a few weeks before the birthday party. I had to keep the secret. The day came and I was able to surprise my Dad. He was in complete shock of how fantastic this watch is. Ernst even emailed me to see how my dad liked his new treasure. What superior service and product I have received. I am absolutely jealous that I do not have one for myself. Thank you Ernst for providing something of such quality for those of us who love MG’s.

I really hope this helps and is not to long for you to use. I will get with you soon and see if we can get some flyers for the handout information for our GOF meet this fall. Again thank you for everything.

Will Parker (Arizona USA)

Will Parker, Arizona (USA), 28.02.2013

Dear Ernst, once again i want to thank you for bringing forward the idea to get the MG watch. The design Cecil Kimber still enthuses me. Rate precision and workmanship are excellent. Meanwhile I consider whether the brighter version with light brown wristband will be a great addition to the one I bought. I can recommend the watch to everyone who is in sympathy with MG.
C.H., Germany, 22.02.2013

Rarely do I get such a nice Christmas present from my wife, Hedi. The MG-watch meets the highest quality standards. Unfortunately there are three different styles! So I had to treat myself to the other two as well.Transaction and shipment by registered mail were easy and simple. An item worthy for MG enthusiasts.
Thank you and warm regards to Münster.

Dr. E-W. Lütteken, Germany, 26.01.2013